Sunday, October 18, 2009

Riverside Anno Domini High Definition Progressive-Ambient Rock Ecstasy

Progressive-Ambient Rock Ecstasy - riverside anno domini high definition Anno Domini High Definition

Although the firm has some similarities with other kinds of progressive groups, who succeeded in a niche that is unique - uniquely available to them. They made a distinctive sound.

This album is made of familiar surroundings, psychedelic, and mixtures of metal that your attention and keep a mental journey, trance music imaginary its short duration of 44 minutes (44 seconds).

When a musician is emphasized in this album (all parties) is the pianist who will add the flavor to taste, variety of sounds and effects, a musical picture that paints a thousand words is described. The use of the Hammond organ adds a great sense of songs, 70 of the store, but also throughout the new millennium.

The passionate voice with a slow voice cracking, add his guitar - a mixture Gilmour and Petrucci, bass lines, energetic drums and even horns and creative sounds absolutely perfect keyboard / effects Riverside a great album. IMO, the best deal available.
I am quite impressed by the consistent quality of this band. Do yourself a favor do, buy this album, give a half-dozen rounds (at least), and discover one of the most exciting groups formed in the music scene for a year.

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