Sunday, October 25, 2009

High Definition Dish Great Picture, Bad GUI, Low On Features

Great Picture, bad GUI, low on features - high definition dish Dish Network 211 satellite tv high definition receiver HD VIP 211

I must say, no ViP211 provides a breathtaking view. It is clean, clear and sharp. In this sense, this receiver is its job very well.
But I must say that the graphical user interface (GUI) that is moderately more attractive, is terribly organized, and especially in retrospect. Check For example, look at the history of caller ID, and to see who will be called while you were ... MENU - System Setup - Caller ID history. Now ask why these steps are numerous, and in the System Configuration menu, no less frequently necessary for a function, so the site could? There are also steps for programming a show in the future to see too cumbersome and more intuitive. Finally, the two-day guide ... Two days ... is simply ridiculous. EchoStar I really think I could better anticipate both the usability have made use of this device. I confess, I miss my DirecTV unit of Hughes prior year, with so many features in tact, and lead to 9 days.
UPDATE: Wow! Dish decided to offer a rate of $ 40, once a complete software download due to acAPACITY an external hard drive to the USB port on the device and voila! ... To result in 9 days, which is now a HD PVR. I do 150 hours service record with this thing. It just made for mistakes!

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