Wednesday, October 28, 2009

High Definition Terrestrial Tuner The Answer For Those Who Like Something Great For Free

The answer for those who like something great for free - high definition terrestrial tuner Samsung SIR-T451 High Definition Terrestrial Tuner

The Samsung SIR-T451 is a very nice piece of equipment to use poorly written software. If you can be a lengthy setup is awarded by a poor interface, it becomes much with the video, audio and reception quality to be satisfied.


- Stylish, lightweight and relatively small (13.5 "x9" x2.5 ")

- Many options for video output (composite, component, DVI, DTV, S-Video)

- Many options for the stereo RCA audio output (digital coaxial, optical digital)

- Supports all standard resolutions (480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i)

- It has both the antenna and coaxial connectors, makes it easy between analog and digital TV switch (for when you see the desired channel is not broadcast digitally, UPN, for example)

- Comes with component video cables instead of compounds of shit, which usually come with video equipment

- Quality of video output to widescreen HD broadcasts spectacular (see, for a good test of the "Tonight Show" in high definition 1080i format or presentation of ABC Sports in 720p)

digital audio quality is so spectacular shows (for a good test, CSI: Miami is in Dolby Digital 5.1 sound with the tuner connected to your amp)

Minor defects

- No 1080p option that makes no difference at this point, because that is not shown on this resolution at this time (can be kept in the future, though)

- (No HDMI output only a problem if you are a true video quality snob)

- Remote control could be more sensitive

Do not come - with an antenna, be sure to purchase a separate (I have great reception with my Terk indoor HD)

- Change the channel is a little slow (1-2 seconds delay)

- The Mini-Guide program immediately invites and is pretty useless. The full program guide is helpful, but may take longer (30 seconds) 2 minutes to load.

- Not included digital audio cable, most people (to their own choice)

The most serious shortcomings:

- Automatic channel search and save tool completely UselESS and found that none of the dozens of strong signals in my area. Save time and go to on your local stations are available to find the tuner manually program. If I did, the reception is perfect.

- The interface for adding and deleting channels is cumbersome and slow. I have removed 5 minutes to 10 channels, so that they return automatically the next time I turned the tuner.

The key here is that if you do not pass through HDMI and the patience to endure a bad user interface, you have to be satisfied with the quality of materials, input and output options, and production of audio / video quality. You can probably even better, but is likely to spend much more money.

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