Friday, October 30, 2009

High Definition Video Recorder MOXI HD - A Long Look

MOXI HD - a long look - high definition video recorder Moxi MR-1500T3 HD Digital Video Recorder

Use interface - easy to use. Easy on the eyes. Makes sense.
Style - a far more elegant than just Comcast. It falls into the "black box" - and the ability to make the light on the front split on Moxi.
Distance - makes the TV and sound in the bar if you need a remote. The Comcast remote does not work with my Yamaha YSP-800 to work.
Web Programming - Online program, you can from my iPhone. App would be a Moxi like (like a TiVo.)

Using Black screen at first - the need Moxi for a firmware update for my screen will not be delayed.
RF extender is not working. Maybe it's just my thin, but not to work with the Moxi as Comcast box.
N / Amazon Unbox Netflix ... Yet. I hope this will be added.

However, I recommend the Moxi. It's very nice to the monthly cost of the Comcast box and a piece that matches my other components to be free. Its screen is pleasant to watch. $ 799 is a bit expensive, but I think it will be profitable in the long run (remember, not subscription rates and no monthly rent.)

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