Thursday, October 29, 2009

High Definition Photo Actually, Its Pretty Fun And Not That Bad

Actually, Its Pretty Fun and Not That Bad - high definition photo Aiptek A-HD 720P 8MP CMOS High Definition Camcorder (Silver)

For the price is a bargain. This camera high-definition video camera is able to buy much cheaper. Also, remember that this is built not nearly as rich or function and all Sanyo Xacti that costs $ 200. It is covered almost entirely of plastic, with color, but it should survive in a backpack when you're not careful. It will surprise you with a big zoom or higher 720p HD video you've ever seen, but has some nice features. First, use the H.264 format film with the iPod Touch, iPhone, iPod 5G and iPod nano 3G compatible (be careful to correctly use a Web-format camera to make sure that they exchange for the players - only the Apple TV without converting the files, even play DV1, iMovie HD has not yet been converted to the H.264 file iMovie HD). Every Mac with OS X 10.3 or later recognize the camera as a USB device on the spot. Second, you can record 480p or 720p on a external device via the port mini-video input *. Can upsampler 480i content to 720p (even if it does not improvethe original quality of what you save), or you can register on DV1 (480p) to. Complete with two outputs: an input / output and HD AV output (PJP). * The test is like DV-R, but without a timer or programming. For television or old VHS, you are on your team, the quality is as good as most of the DV-R.

What you should know:

The video will sound better in natural light and bright light, otherwise it is. It tends to overexpose the whites, but there is a + / - correction for the adjustment of exposure and a -1 permanent establishment is a good idea. Othewise a good contrast and saturation. The automatic white balance is really good, too. However, if the recording in 720p, no compression, which can be in a remarkable display of HD quality. The compression is much less noticeable in 480p or CIF format (web), but less resolution. In addition, the digital zoom creates jaggies in the fight against poverty-aliasing, which are more evident than in 480p HD. Should not Shake Reduction, but it is a tripod. It is a "night that fits" within. little light, but incrgreatly facilitated, video noise. The lens is soft, which is when you say you've only spent $ 1xx dollars on TV input but no effect, which is very high (well, you know, it is) a poor goal and no CMOS. And yes, it can "wave" of distortion when you fast (not visible) on the LCD, only the big TV, discount rate for the sensor is a bit slow. The performance is so bad that the ruins of the camera? No, that's what you expect from a sub-$ 300 cameras in 2007. It's better than a 200-camera 3 years.

For me, the life of Li-ion battery has been around for 60 minutes video recording with the LCD screen and 75 min-90 min recording with the LCD off. The manual recommends that you use the battery from the unit for about 4 to 8 hours before first use, what I did. You can get replacement batteries from Aiptek, but the same model as for a number of other cameras in Pentax and Fuji, so that it costs between $ 10 and $ 20 I love that charges via USB, so that ifis not connected to the computer hard drive take control. It also comes with a small power adapter with USB for the trip. It takes about 3 hours to load.

The 4x digital zoom, works in the photographic and video mode and will not leave too far zoom in or out very far. I would say that it corresponds to 35 mm to 60 mm on a 35mm camera series A. The macro mode is only 20 "\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ u0026gt, 12," not to close.

The LCD screen is rotatable and can rotate around the front of the camera. Ratio of 4:3, but when shooting in HD, is the display area. You can also close the screen and save the recording to conserve the battery. This is useful when the input signal DVR.

Entries (USB and AV) are hidden behind a sofa strips rubber protection, should be treated with sensitivity. It attaches to the camera and off the road, but if you believe that you will be hard for him to break its weakest link, so you simply pull open permanently.

The camera operation is easy. The menu design is simple andnavigated with a 4-way joystick. The graphics and icons are designed well and good. There is a main menu for the 4 modes: camera settings, my messages (sentences) and a voice recorder. Each mode is on this aspect of the camera, and then there is a submenu for this mode as well. In my work, select video clips, photos or memos. The submenu allows the presentation of photos, including a photo. Everything can be operated with the thumb and forefinger, while holding the camera.

Part 5MP camera is very similar to a camera phone (the LED on the front of the camera is only for photos with a flash of lightning), no video, and although it can be 8 upsampler megapixels, it's not improving the quality. For the sake of clarity, is the selection of 3MP the sweet spot. I would not say that talent is the most powerful camera, but it beats an old camera include MiniDV 2MP "Picture" option.

There is a microphone mounted record sound, but no microphone input, if you do something else. The AV input allows not only audio input from an external microphone. ToOverdub an audio recording, you do not have on your computer. But the record "Voice" mode, the audio recording in WAV format functions as a digital recorder. And you can connect headphones to the internal speaker connected to does not make a reproduction for those around you.

It comes with an SD card (sold separately), but do not have enough RAM for a few seconds of video and photos. I think that about 32 megabytes. It makes little sense, an SD card with 2 GB less. It is 2 GB for 1 hours of HD recording. However, it accepts SDHC cards up to 32GB (I assume to be available in the future) and USB 2.0 transfer from the camera to the computer is as fast as it should.

In general, it was better than I expected for under $ 150. The camera is a little fragile, and really deserves a well-lit subjects, but it is a good companion device to go daily to your pocket or purse Beaus of its size. It would be a good gift for a tween.

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