Saturday, October 31, 2009

High Definition Camcorder Excellent Detailed Image Quality With Easy User Interface In Smaller And Lighter Package Than The Previous SR Series!

Excellent detailed image quality with easy user interface in smaller and lighter package than the previous SR series! - high definition camcorder Sony HDR-XR100 80 GB HDD High Definition Camcorder (Silver)

When I bought a HD video camera that he expects an HD image quality. Not the case with this camcorder - the night the interior lighting of the video standard is very loud, it was so bad that I burned a disk and brought it to compare the Sony Style Store - I received a defective? It seems a general problem with this model .... the representative of the Sony Style store, even admitted that the video quality was very bad. The white balance is a little further. The other problem is that shaky, try using the "steady shot" to keep the camera steady as possible. It is OK in a better light, but it should not use a video projector old to have a decent indoor picture!

Went back for a refund. . If you purchase that model checking are interested in a first store and refer to the inclusion of weaker home cinema and record video, sample before you buy!

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