Thursday, October 29, 2009

High Definition Pvr Best Hi Def Recorder On The Market Currently

Best Hi def recorder on the market currently - high definition pvr Hauppauge 1212 HD-PVR High Definition Personal Video Recorder

June ad

ok I have a 5 star, but it comes with the current problem with the 5.1DD hauppuage visual record of this period may be the work not so stick with 2.0 or PCM audio from d ', the remaining analogue video recordings to 1920x1080 at the same level or in the vicinity of the Blu-ray has the choice between a constant rate of 1 to 13.5 KB and floating across the road from 20.2 recorded in the same codeec (AVCHD) and Blu-ray and HD DVD, which had all the important component takes input, I through my receiver, if my dishnet HD PVR, PS3, HD DVD and Oppo DVD player runs through, only for the purposes I tried to test all my equipment and force, that dishnet, Blu-ray DVD and HD DVD test disc appeared no different from the original source if the source of his record, edit or add chapters so that you can create a real menu, Cheapo then insert the CD you need to Burn a DVD-R or DVD-dual layer disc to add, takes about 10 minutes to record the author and burn Blu-ray standard, a standard DVD, like a realBlu-ray disc game, be careful when burning the DVD and Blu-ray DVD will not be able to read on your computer again, if there is a Blu-ray or Blu-Ray ROM writer, and if one Never once Hauppuage DD 5.1 solves this could be the murderer of Blu-ray applications hauppuage next version of the driver, including the revision 5.1. Caution is XP Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista operating system alone, you must also use a fast computer to this device and its programs, I have an Intel Core Duo 3.4 gig, 2Gig RAM, SATA hard drive and had 2-500 Buy an Nvidia 7600 512 meg video in order to achieve this speed and at the same pace faster than 13,500 bits can not help the team, but c that is the problem of high resolution, his thirst for power, now I can finally put my HD Films by 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Star Wars: The Lord of the Rings on DVD for Blu Ray 1080i, you can also convert files ending in the movie Fabrik 6 to burn in a normal DVD for playback of HD DVD.

August Update ...
Ok a lot of catches for 40 dual-layer DVD to Blu Ray PlayboCk 10 and two layers for HD DVD playback. Video-state is the father's great if it remains more than 7.8 bitrate, only major drawback 5.1DD no audio, I am now Beta tesing 5.1DD audio driver now, wow that is a big difference that makes the noise. Still problems with the software Arc usual, but the synchronization problems, but works with Tsmuxer. It seems, based issues related to the heat a few boxes, I am left at 7, 10, 15 hours at a time that never get too hot and not blocked. I have over 100 recordings with this device. With a Blu-ray LG and whites receive less than $ 8 each, this could be the future for the capture and burial of HD content at full speed for a PVR from 13.2 to 20.0 to the future. If only Hauppauge 5.1DD driver can change a bit, the more I think it's a great little device.

Now I am a beta tester and I finally TME 5.1DD Hauppauge drivers and software that works, so now I have a map that eventually capture movies as I wanted, 5.1DD and can also be processed with software and no problems synchronize a folder DDVD Dual Layer Blu Ray or 4 U.S. dollars.

Update December
OK Finally, drivers and Hauppauge software support for the general public, the work makes this unit correctly. You enter 1080i output of a component that uses the 5.1DD and you get caught a large TS or M2TS file ready for burning to Blu-ray or dual-layer DVD, with or without menus. Since October, I caught fire and more than 50 films 5.1DD disc and they look great on 1080p sources are really great. Now manually save all my movies, and I do not know how it works with a timer or SageTV.

February broadcast

Some here want to send to you about known problems with this and tell dishnet, I think it is correct to say that problems with the PVR1212 and dishnet, you should know that sometimes when you use this device with dishnet B accepts pain and tears is in digital photography the most, if not all the blame dishnet or most likey channel exhibited. Example: I have tried 7-8 times to collect and record Spaceball MGM HD channel, if he dishnet move and if it were playing out of sync by MGM HD, even before the recording. Please note when using this device, the HD content is not perfect, and that "Big Hollywood" I do not want to capture and store their programs. Do not be surprised if "they" are always trying to frustrate what the inclusion of a digital Hi Def or other antenna, cable, PS3 or HD-DVD. I have been trapped and burned in the movie 130 Double Layer with all sources and all emerging perfect DVD, either analog or audio 5.1DD 2DD. Yes, where we can see a hard drive, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Batman, Star Trek movie in high definition and Hauppauge. :)

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