Saturday, October 31, 2009

High Definition Camcorders Listen

Listen - high definition camcorders Canon VIXIA HF100 Flash Memory High Definition Camcorder with 12x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom

I did more research on the massive use of high-definition camcorder that everyone is really a job, you should. After weeks of sweeps and take into account the pros and cons of AVCHD vs. HDV, HDD vs. tape vs. flash use, I decided on the HV30, because they believe the arguments and examples of the quality of the videos, especially in low light conditions. If the HV30 and in fact the picture quality is amazing. The noise, however, was a big disappointment. How do I want to capture moments of quiet - the subtle sound of, say, my daughter, aged four months to sleep - the shrill noise of the motor strip, turned in my recordings with the HV30 as an agreement murderer. (I am aware of the variety of solutions to this problem is known, an external microphone techniques for post-production, but ideally I would like to bypass, extra equipment, and I have devoted so much time to this hobby - I ' ll leave the matter in depth for the most dedicated and worked for various purposes, and / or without family responsibilities.)

I stuck to my instincts and bought the HF100 the first time, around. After sending the HV30 ago (thanks to the return of Amazon very good), I bought the HF100 and am simply delighted. * Video and audio is very, very good if not great. Perhaps someone can split hairs and demonstrate the "artifacts" that currently exist between the recordings of HDV vs. AVCHD camcorder with one, but I see no difference when played back at normal speed. The difference between the recordings of these flash-based camcorders and comparable motorized machines is, to my ear, both obvious and dramatic. So, if you are sensitive to minimize white noise, or if you are interested, or eliminate the sounds from the recorder to be the kind of camcorder you buy and you're willing to tolerate or in terms of place "equipment or additional end of production.

One final note / aside in my own view of the HF10 vs HF100: I appreciate the charms of the black body, the HF10 in terms of aesthetics, but also actually find the dual role of flash memory, a detour. Personally, I prefer to deal only one card removable media. It seems a slight disadvantageconvenient to work with both internal memory and mobile cards when recording hours before the transfer of images and backup to a PC (while traveling, cope, perhaps?). I'd prefer the exchange of cards and brand. But this is of course a matter of personal preference and habit, my thoughts here, if someone is not given this aspect some consideration.

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