Tuesday, October 27, 2009

High Definition Receiver Compact, Easy To Use And Works Great With Macintosh OSX

Compact, easy to use and works great with Macintosh OSX - high definition receiver Sony HDR-TG5V High Definition Handycam Camcorder with Built-in GPS Receiver and 10x Optical Zoom

Verified Amazon (What is this?) It's a fantastic camera. The video and camera control is easy to use and the zoom is easy to check. It fits very well in the pocket. The only drawback is that the user documentation for Mac OS is very poor, and making you crazy to think that the device is not compatible (with Macintosh, I was angry when I read the page on Sony's website, which means that the photos taken only in the memory device can be used on a Macintosh). Luckily, I thought I would try to connect my MacBook Pro via USB anyway. iPhoto automatically launched when the HDR-TG5V is connected via USB, and I could download images of the same as any other camera. Labels GPS worked perfectly. After leaving iPhoto, iMovie 09 and ran to my great joy, which automatically detects the video downloads. For GPS users, make sure that the camera reach to a new location and to make sure that you had time to triangulate a location (where three points) is a series of bars. If you do not wait for this, a photoYou are not tied to this place. The other disadvantage is that the lack of night vision equipment, but also allows manual focus and self-optimization, in order to concentrate on their faces. Typically, a camera handy and comfortable with excellent resolution of the film and a good image resolution.

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