Wednesday, October 28, 2009

High Definition Programming Mac Owners Rejoice!

Mac owners rejoice! - high definition programming Beginning TiVo Programming (Wrox Beginning Guides)

This book is pretty good, even if the owner focuses Mac Why do I say this? Well, one example of hysteria is that when it is talking about the deployment of an application for TiVo sides, like Mac owners can and will give users of Windows to one paragraph. Four percent of the market share? Launch4j?

Fortunately, you're working in Java using the Eclipse IDE. Thus, most users use the most books.

With regard to the contents and give a good cooperation with overviow MCH and bananas. They also have a very accessible from the Java WebStart applications, including such things as the signing of the glass, class loading, etc.

Missing bits? Well, I would appreciate a little more aware of independent development - the development instead of Eclipse with Ant I liked to discuss more about third-party servers on which projects TiVo. I wanted to do my own TiVo book. For Apress, I suppose.

However, if you are a Java developer, this is a decently written book is very accessible.

Thankss, boys.

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