Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jvc High Definition Excellent Camcorder

Excellent camcorder - jvc high definition JVC Everio GZ-HD30 80 GB AVCHD High Definition Camcorder w/10x Optical Zoom

I bought this camcorder a few months ago and have been widely used to in light scenes to shoot.

I was so at what the camera is surprisingly well in the interior (where light is limited a lighted lamp in a room). Those of you who have) the relationship between video noise (grain in low light and that this device is a good job in an excellent unaware.

All my friends who attended were also surprised to find such high quality video recorder amateur video look. Trust me .... Sometimes they are even better than some selected images in the movies I've seen Blu-Ray. That said, please do not expect this small video camera to a large team of professional video recording to be overcome - but the fact it is so tight is commendable.

The color saturation is slightly above neutral, but to be honest, we find that this stand an advantage because the videos.
The video quality is very good when playing videos on my HDTV 42 "byAn HDMI output.

One critic complained about the 19 minutes limit per file. I never thought that this is all an issue as you attach multiple files, you can create a video of what was once delivered to the desired length using the PC software with the camcorder.

Battery life is average () about 70-80 minutes in a fully charged battery and then I got a spare battery for the JVC without a fraction of the cost from the original JVC battery and actually performs better than the JVC battery (approx. 90 minutes).

Overall I am very pleased with this purchase, very pleased. Even if the beginning a little hesitant to to $ 600 on a video camera to spend, but I soon realized that the money was well spent.

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