Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blue Ray High Definition Ok, At A Bargain Price

Ok, at a bargain price - blue ray high definition Hitachi DZ-BD70AF BluRay 5.3MP DVD High Definition Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom

Well, I think I paid around $ 300 for mine, it's my # 3 HD camcorder, and I know what I'm doing ... no model for beginners. But do not think a beginner should be either the AVCHD models also .. The format is too new.

It was not really the case with HDV, MPEG-2, only because it had arrived long before the HDV .. for the first camera that came out were very good, and where improvements were made, was found in the general definition, not the encoding format so much. MPEG AVC (also called-4 Part 10, is represented known), also known as H.264 in general, as the successor to MPEG-2, but complex. Coding on a PC or other special hardware looks good, but probably spend about 3-6 hours per hour of HD video to the encoding. Crunching the camcorder to a small power consumption and maintenance of quality is a work in progress.


Yes, BD-R and BD-RE 8cm tall are expensive. But) if you think the BD-RE (as a replacement for an SD card which has about 7.5 GB, a little more sense ... Record thatd it, you copy the video removed on another device, then as a flash card. Finally, BD-R is cheap enough to compare with the band, but it is a way to go.

Quality is mixed, it manufactures. This is pretty awful pictures in low light. It is a fact that almost all high-definition camcorders will be worse in low light for a similar model of ... just beginning to give some decent results against the background of low-priced prosumer (Canon Panny again, about $ 1,300). But it is strange worse than expected because the performance is decent in good light and large single sensor is sufficient.

The confusion (for some)

If you do not already Blu-Ray, it can be a pain. Windows does not natively Blu-Ray format file (a new version of the UDF file system used on DVD), which is necessary to install the software from Hitachi to. Hitachi, like most consumer electronics company, is equal to zero for software support, but in truth, video editing is not your job. If, like me, who already has the support of the Blu-Ray on his chain of video tools that are with this format is obvious.


Rocks, tapeless, if you're in a hurry. However AVCHD on DVD is a terrible idea - is not nearly enough storage capacity ... receive approximately 20 minutes. Blu-Ray is the right answer for a HD tapeless 8cm. I use it mainly for quick things ... Towards the most expensive cameras to download if the quality is not so critical.

In terms of quality ... is a mixture of feelings. In sunlight, this camera an image definition is high enough decent. Like all AVCHD camcorders are the first generation, it can not find HDV really the movement - no more artifacts. Considering that he was a former model, of course, a factor what you pay for.

That does not bother me, the user interface for all .. it is rather simplistic, as expected in a consumption model. The function, if you, the band is used, the control for the selection of clips to play ... Button is not very clear. I have the first release ... RTFMed think I should, but hey, where is the fun.

Another ... This model ShooT SD DVD-R or DVD-RAM, which quite common today, and most models AVCHD tapeless HD alone. You do not choice ... in High Definition on BD, SD DVD.

The body is a kind of nice .. a little strange, but it grows on you. It has a swimming pool, it's cold and it works very well with an external microphone as the Azden SMX-10. It is clear that the use of a 3.5-mm mono jack or a stereo microphone (so no, no plug-in power, you will need a microphone powered), but also a great mic to see in the Impact if they are used - the camera. Never recommend shooting with a built-in audio device, so I really can not say whether it is good or not.

Therefore, my conclusion on the initial value of $ 1300 or less, it was a bad camera, no doubt, based primarily on performance in low light. Today you have the 3rd Generation AVCHD models are much better at encoding without artifacts ... some of them start around $ 500 - $ 600 Unless the disc is a great advantage, skip this and instead go with a Canon HF-200 ($ 600) or Panny HDC-SD9 ($ 500) or a camcorder Sony HDR-CX7 and CX12 pay prfrozen at $ 700 or $ 800 for what I've seen everything. But for the price of an SD video camera, $ 300 or less, not a bad device.

Hitachi has a new BD camcorder model that will be much better, and also records SDHC cards. If you are a better unit, you should see the same kind of improvements in technology as the other 3-generation AVCHD models.

Like any piece of technology that should do his homework. AVCHD is new enough, some video editors, it supports it yet. Even if they do, it's a great deal of CPU time, so do not be surprised if your heart is driven by dual-CPU to its knees. With a video format by as) CineForm, Sony MXF (MPEG-2 or with high rates of change, not a bad idea if you have a complex project. Blu-ray is still expensive, even if it was the case .. You are a wise consumer if you do not have to worry that consumer prices before you buy a device that is used up.

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