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High Definition Video Camera Very Good For The Money.

Very good for the money. - high definition video camera DXG DXG-595V 5.0 Megapixel High-Definition Ultra Digital Video Camera

COMPANY: Some tips on the products, the DXG DXGUSA a company in the United States. DXG some advertisements may even notice a place in California. DXG has an office in the City of Industry in California, but according to the website DXGUSA products are manufactured in Taiwan, ROC (Republic of China). It is common practice, foreign companies have a local office of the United States and add the suffix "USA" in their name, but consumers need to understand DXG purchase is not supporting the red, white and blue.

Contribute to any country of origin of the Bureau of confusion DXG. Most people would DXGUSA contact through sales, marketing and service to customers. There you will find names of people responsible delrosario see Goldberg and Castillo, and give a picture of America. Dig a little further you see that the leaders of the company with the most important positions of authority have Asian names. Some Japanese and Chinese companies are known to send its own executiveSee United States to lead the company than in their country of origin. Others use U.S. address in May, while entrepreneurs remain abroad. DXG is not known whether either is involved in these practices.


THE GOOD - [Price] The DXG 595V is less expensive than flash memory camcorder on the market for high definition. Wal-Mart offers this product at a price of $ 180.00 with free shipping when a ship is taken to save. Unfortunately, an order from Wal-Mart for this unit several weeks left in the store and was lost in shipping. Amazon, with its $ 202.00 price for the camera is delivered to your home, the next in the network. FREE Shipping via UPS arrived two days earlier than planned for the east coast.

[Size] The DXG 595V is not just about size and palm trees is very easy thanks to its construction, all plastic parts and other movement. The camera style is more than most conventional video cameras available at reasonable prices immediately.

[Enter] If your desire is to scan --Family and a few moments and events in a digital format that is almost as good as VHS tapes, DXG looks great then used in a standard mode of definition is the right camera. Video and sound was very fluid in the reception of fixed and moving objects in a vehicle. The camera is handled in low light conditions, and although the picture is somewhat grainy, and the LED is a little push from close range.

[Simplicity] The characteristics of the few sports-595V and is designed for those who are not interested in a learning curve before they are used is ideal. The integrated manual lens cover is a good idea and avoids the old problem of dangling lens cover during the action. All controls are easily accessible.

THE BAD: - [Battery Life] DXG-battery (NP-120), will offer 1.5 hours of recording time. The device was intended that charged as a lack of a depleted battery and the device is reported. A replacement unit was much better in the installation of loose battery a number of "false poor" report may have caused.The batteries are important because they do not use an AC adapter to your camera. So you may want extra batteries, because you can buy a full charge up to three hours.

[Surface] Some online reviews of this device have shown the surface patches, complains smooth fingers. You need to keep a soft towel with him, if there is a CBO for you, but should not a determining factor for your purchase.

[High Def Recording] When the recording mode on the standard-definition format WVGA video recording is reminiscent of old silent movie, if this is the software that designed and deployed high-definition screens. 10 Popular Roxio do not work well with the video editing software format. DXG video mov, either high definition or standard.

[Software package] The DXG 595V is supplied with two software CDs. Although knowing a CD called "User Arcsoft Total Media Extreme," an installation, after that it is not a complete product. Total Media Extreme is along about five important features. Versi DXG'sThe software consists of only two. According to ArcSoft, all packets that does not contain all the components, a "lite" version. This is not observed in the disk, the literature of the camera or on the packaging.

[Report] Although the DXG 595V has an internal memory is not available to the user. The internal memory is reserved for settings, so you need a flash card type SD to buy before use.

[Documentation] Poor. This is about the same as DXGUSA come to their own description of the characteristics of 595V detailed. Some documentation is also misleading because the reference to the camera's microphone appears in two different parts of the room in two guides, or the question of evil in the circles in the illustration. Instructions for updating the firmware of the device are no different. The instruction "Press the button is all into the red, almost cryptic.

THE UGLY: [Warranty] DXG written assurance that, with the camera says: "The warranty covers parts and labor for one (1) year from date of purchase occurs." But later he said: "No cFabric patterns: flash, cables, batteries, power adapter, digital media, software, LCD, lenses and other accessories, other expenses or consequential damages. "So the unit is under warranty, but also parts of the camera.

[Service] Customer DXGUSA site is less useful. Some self-help pages have blank pages, while others only three suggestions - none of them have even spoken 595V. An e-mail to customer service DXG complaining of a battery problem, according to the following response:

"We apologize to the entire back. Unfortunately, our warranty is not for accessories."

DXG the view that supplies the battery with the complicity of the camera and LCD.

Although this reaction has the email address of Carlos Castillo, was sent to Director of Client Relations for DXG, was sent to the sender's name Meza into Chad. The message will also be at different time of five hours from the time of the eastern United States are marked. A trace of the IP address that the message (, rev sentEPAS It seems the server in Atlanta, Georgia, but the message DXGUSA in Jalandhar, India will PU.

After answering the first DXG Chad Meza reply sent another reply, this time around, that Mr. Castillo said that:

"I apologize for the inconvenience, but an accessory is something that is not physically connected to the camera."

This reaction was particularly disturbing because the LCD is mounted and purpose not expressly permitted by DXG "to the camera."

Recommendation: The auditor can not test the video performance standard product for the HD quality is unknown. Video performance standard, but is probably the best of all digital camcorders in the price range of $ 200,00. If the digital video quality under $ 210,00, what you want - and is ready to adapt to deficiencies in the product insert - then DXG 595V May your needs. It is suggested that you buy through Amazon because their return is painlessand their prices are usually lower.

The reliability of the product is unknown and is not in the warranty period, there is little or no support for the product. DXG As noted in response to this report:

"Have you purchased this product the purchaser accepts full responsibility and therefore can not hold the manufacturer, seller or distributor responsible for the conditions of the product." Buyer Beware "is an expression that can not be overstated."

According to the Better Business Bureau has fifteen complaints against DXGUSA the past three months to six. Twelve of these complaints related undertake DXG respect to his contract. The BBB, however, give an assessment DXG very good.

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. Its all about chasing shadows.
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