Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Microsoft High Definition One Flaw, Otherwise Pretty Nice Mouse.

One flaw, otherwise pretty nice mouse. - microsoft high definition Microsoft M03-00090 Wireless Optical Mouse 5000 High Definition with Tilt Wheel Platinum Mac/Win PS2/USB English

Verified Amazon (What is this?) I just plug this mouse yesterday, so it has a long history with them, but my first impressions are the following:
Pros - Ergonomic programmable buttons, a clean lens is very useful when editing photos, a shift for horizontal scrolling, easy installation software, USB and PS / 2
Cons - Travel Lock (center button) is very difficult to download. I can not imagine why they designed in that way. In contrast, the two thumb buttons are a little soft. My All Time Favorite, a Logitech mouse in my humble opinion, feel perfectly key.
Not an advantage or a disadvantage: The book does not stop at the center of a ratchet in the absence of a better term. Turns freely. Mouse reminds me of my first litter from Radio Shack. I personally prefer a kind of ratchet, but I'll get used to it. Another expert noted that the colors of the photo is inaccurate. That is correct. The lower body is matte black and in the middle of the mouse at the top is shiny silver. No Biggy, however.

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