Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Anno Domini High Definition Unreal, Surreal, Genius

Unreal, Surreal, Genius - anno domini high definition Blood

This review is from: Blood (MP3 Download) I am very excited and have a positive effect after hearing this album for the first time at this moment. And I feel I can articulate my thoughts and pen just now, given the fact that we really need to hear this work many times to continue the outer layers, which I hopefully explore and amaze me each time. But I still had to write this quick review to ensure that everyone knows that the purchase of this album ... Another masterpiece of engineering the sound, that some very catchy and has a ** song. OSI model is indeed a heady mix of controlled aggression, the metal and the environment ... Perfection!

This album is very spacious, spread very reserved, yet very close.

I love this album ... Blood song is simply overwhelming. And my favorite, "We Come" Undone is simply beautiful and dark. Radiologist has a brain with fifteen thousand cups of coffee and roast joints to create. I like the way layers of ambient noise texation filtered through metal, so to speak. The stereo crazy and delays Movement broken guitars and funny sounds blend to create a complete picture is something beyond my understanding how everything is so perfectly executed by M. Moore and OSI.

Kevin Moore singing and voice is unrealistic (at least I have the feeling that if one of the most original voices I heard in a long time is also very natural). Radiologist is a great song with a catchy hook.

Last but not least, we need to hear to believe that the madness of the song "False Start, the". The OSI has a touch of rhythm and pace of investment by a simple riff and a stereo delay and panning, and the battery of the wings is played, you just want to drive your car at 120 miles per hour. Beautiful! The amazing how at the end of the song that starts very aggressive riffs on the guitar, finished in switching between channels and it seems completely out of time, but now the bass drum, a 3 / 8 chance at perfection.

Anyway ... I stArtedanza write this as a small change in trouble .... But he ended up writing a reasonable amount. Point is .. Go easy going and buy this album. It is gold ... and only another dimension of the perfection of OSI kickass achieved. The textures of guitar, drums sound / game, Kevin, environment, sound is far from what a great mix of everyone wants to be ..

Compare not you release this album "because it is free, is another masterpiece and a very full disc itself (not to say that blood is not). I personally think the songs of freedom had a different theme and reason altogther. You can not really personally with my finger on what makes them so different from fresh blood for me.

"Blood" the other side has its own personality. It is dark, a little soft in places, but always very aggressive and mysterious, as a rule.

Nevertheless, I thank Kevin Moore for making music ... waiting for this album for so long ... and worth every bit!


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