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High Definition Crt My Big Fat Cutting Edge Sony XBR TV

My Big Fat Cutting Edge Sony XBR TV - high definition crt SONY 34 Inch Super Fine Pitch(TM) XBR(R) Television KD-34XBR960

I did it! He touched the ball! I spent the little man! I took my chances! And I'm not all online!

I showed that almost $ 2000 () about a hundred) a little research and you can also still a little (well, a little fat, film tricks. I'm a lazy bastard. I like comfort, how well-designed circuit, I would like to keys, but I'm paying a whore practices Piggy and never willing to spend much money for it.

This year I went looking for bargains on TV (Ha! Like everything else on the market for audio and video recently, a gift from heaven!) Just to see, was when the price of HDTV and home theater and DVD progressive scan, and you know where all the buzzwords you fill in the field of sales for the big screen again, and nice that we all drool is at the local Circuit City and Best Buy world, a frustration to find and rather than just waiting come, I had to see what is done in a number of relatively low price.

Well, let me tell you, do not bother to go somewhere locally first, has the Internet that madeMess with jargon and technical research and pricing and compare it with this feature much easier. Much better.

CNET thank you, thank YOU!

So I recently went to see CNET, resulting in the techno-freaks day, and then click savyness reviews for HDTV. I know he can not afford these subtle beauties of the goodness of the flat screen, plasma screens, LCD wonders, the things we admire on the walls of houses, or that MTV has to weigh the call of the rich and famous.

No, the pig is not got no Smackers 10,000.00, local den of iniquity Audio Video. It would be $ 5.00 for video technology ho cheap to pay the modest CRT.

And lo and behold, before my eyes, I mean prey. The Sony KD-34XBR960 of CNET Editors Choice TV and announced reference for HDTV shows that to verify it. What did you say? A CRT is a stupid reference for plasma and LCD? You bet that my friend is digital fine mentality is exactly what experts monitors of great weight. The blackest blacks, brighter colors, which is disposed plated circuit all know that television is 34 inches investigated, 194 pounds, 24 inches front to back, covered with plastic animals, literally huge crush all want Plasma & LCD HDTV for the world and break their little hearts all unhappy flat only $ 1755.00, no state taxes, shipping, thank you for your purchase.

Believe me, my brothers and sisters, technology can only so much, so fast and so flat, as opposed to what they want you to believe if you do the clams to spend on expensive flat screens in the elite high-end Pioneer (hint hint) you get not only the dollar for dollar crystal clear, Regis and Bimbo What is your name, picture, you can expect your hard-earned money.

Get a perspective

Now has heard about these strange numbers often when it comes to providing a picture of Sony KD-34XBR960 HDTV to ...

480i - is what we are accustomed to see in DVD players and old NTSC broadcasts. 480 ContactCED data lines. This is the old school DVD / TV and why we need to get a DVD player with progressive scan and a digital television signal via satellite or cable, move your choice.

480p - This is the best we can from the actual DVD, which has to expect honest, only 480 lines of progressive scan. Include? Who is 480 video lines of all available data in the registry. While HD DVD market is the current format and the highest quality source is stored on hard money, that's all she wrote, end of story.

1080i - This is the first step of the HDTV broadcasts. 1080 lines of interlaced video data. Allot of the first generation of TV channels in high definition with, dass

OK, here is a brief message ... now some DVD players out there say that the DVD data in this upscale 1080i and 1080p following format. This is known in the exploration for, and usually is a one trick pony function, because it really is not 1080 lines of data on the DVD that you and I are shopping at Amazon.com. In other words, This is an elegant way of trying to benefit more from the lack of HDTV format. When you make a decision that I made a perfect quality 480p progressive scan DVD today on Pioneer DV-578A, and let these models across the platform until you would actually start the 1080 data that actually buy the DVD to see. So we know that the DVD a good job of playing HD-DVD. I am a conservative wait and see in this role.

1080 - Here is the holy grail of current HDTV is provided, which can appear at the top of the stack and NOT the Sony KD-34XBR960, this format does not, they actually have a video source that the representation is capable of more, is likely to another TV, DVD player, purchase, and a home for retired by then.

For those of you who are not given to long explanations about the Sony KV 34XBR960 is suitable to display 480i, 480p, 1080i video formats. The picture is very clear, hands down, I'm surprised.

The next thing to do, of course prOve all the techno mumbo jumbo Weenie in real life, go look at the picture and not just on my word, so that the roaming to more than Circuit City (The only people that carry this model, Sony XBR). Yes! You, my friend, do not want just something like a TV online, if you see him in person. The Sony KD-34XBR960 is too easy to take too big and too expensive in my book to any risks.
Now look, remove the babies as plasma and LCD? No, look, seriously, where the Circuit City locations CRT.
They are far from flat screens $ $ BIG MONEY. Mmmm, I wonder why. This could be the difference in the amount of $ 5,000.00? If the marketing manipulation?

Check the resulting picture and the strength of this model with a flat panel of choice Sony plasma or LCD playing a DVD (component video), three RCA video with the red / green / blue. Force word sweet lovin boy whispered in his ear, then go and do your shopping online, as we all SMArt People Shoppin do-be-do-be-doo.

GET all the connections

Oh, I forgot, Digital Input / Output (mad CAP) is in the Sony KD-34XBR960, but in a nutshell ...

HDMI / DVI - The Board of connecting digital video ... Personally, I connect these two input / output jacks, when we talk about them and you have seen it. These are basically the same links appear can be found on the back of the computer. This should give some indication about where the world of audio / video is in progress. Directly to your desktop computer, I say.
In any event, the Sony KD-34XBR960 has a single HDMI input, I recommend the DVD player for HD-finally to buy for next year probably too much money, oh well. High-end DVD player with the latest wiz bang features, these armed DVI / HDMI connections if you are using too.
Last but not least, male DVI to HDMI converter available that also the reason that combine these two formats.

Component Video - Threered / green / blue RCA connectors. This is the current standard, it should use every day. You must keep in mind when you think, even just buy a look at this TV. The Sony KD-34XBR960 has two of these compounds.

I write formats are then sub-par digital video connections.

S-Video - Yes, losing turn the little black circle plug with the thin son, within this break, and if they try to connect because you do not see how it will go and what you're about and bash something up! Farewell to sucky useless thing! Good-bye and good riddance too! Piece of junk! This is so old school and so friendly. The purchase of a DVD player or you have something to learn and this in the trash. The Sony KD-34XBR960 has three of them, 2 rear and 1 front, so make your video games can get in touch.

Psssst ... Children's, Sony (component video) cables for the PS2 for about $ 20.00. Uh huh, now you can export this stupid connector Finally, connect fiber optic cable hook-audio surround sound system (the square thing on the back.) And then follow the style, with a better definition and surround sound during the game Ratchet & Clank. Let Daddy do not play in the back of the TV to catch, you can thank me later.

Composite video - That single yellow RCA jack. That was never a good idea to start with, I mean, we think. A complex analog signal through what is basically a mono jack? No, it's garbage. The Sony KD-34XBR960 has one.

RF - the cable connection. So I want a receiver for satellite TV now! Comcast has spent the money and for what? Better technology? Best picture? Better customer service? Of course not! Stupid Clear Channel Wannabe! The Sony KD-34XBR960 has a label and a label Cable UHF / VHF.

Quick Note ... The digital signals from local stations are free and come in the air the whole time. Get a $ 30.00 VHF / UHF and look for them. You save money when you can live without cable.
To the Sony KD-34XBR960 with Comcast (NO use, purchase, no Repito! The HDTV tuner that they were stupid.) Regulation of the digital package, then aNEAR need to install the system and move the transaction between the TV and the wall, now connect the Sony KD-34XBR960 directly on the wire. If you are also the movie channels that use it for a splitter box in the cable from the wall. (Visit Radio Shack for that.) Connect one side directly to the RF connector, cable TV and the other through the Comcast box and connect the RF tags VHF / UHF television. Now you can not have eveything and HDTV signals to your TV.
That's right folks Comcast is deliberately left to pick up HDTV signals through the box. Repeat after me ... "Death to Comcast! Die Die Die!"

For those of you who have not given to long explanations about the Sony KV-34XBR960 total of 7 video inputs, and all types of connection on the market today. I hate Comcast.


The Sony KD-34XBR960 comes with your version of surround sound, but still a beautiful voice and the quality of the speakers, I was more interested in eOptical fiber and an audio output on the back is to join. Let me tell you why.

Speakers on the TV can not with Home Theater (Home Theater in a Box to compete)

I repeat myself ...

If you want to buy a TV for around $ 2000.00, I hope to put money aside for a particular type of surround sound system. If you are cheap like me, who in the movie house at the best price to be.

I bought myself after a thorough investigation, in my humble opinion, the best allocation of resources in the market. A surround sound system is so new it only in some online shops.

Sony DAV-S870 Follow this product verification. You'll thank me.

Quick Update

Just discovered an interesting fact for those of you who use this fiber-optic connector Audio output of Sony KD-34XBR960 want.
The tuner is selective about what fiber optic line products. If you look at a station can only analog audio output via RCA outputs audio through the audio output of the fiber.
The station must be digitally for the TV output Dolby Digital through the optical fiber line.
Boy, I do not suggest trying it today.

Quick Update: Part 2

Someone asked me in e-mail as a DVD player, I would look, not even today if I were buying.

The three best players on my list of DVDs on a budget ...

Sorta Low Price: OPDV971H Oppo Digital DVD Player

New top of the stack of DVDs available here on Amazon.com and in fact is only accessible via the Internet.
Multi-Region (any DVD from any country.)
Playback of DVD video / audio, DivX/MPEG4, VCD, SVCD, CD, HDCD, WMA, DVD ± R / RW, CD-R/RW, Kodak Picture, Progressive Scan, Auto PAL or NTSC video output DVI recommended . .. DO NOT use the component video output with this DVD!
About cool web tech geek chic!

Middle Price Range: Denon DVD-1910

Denon '$ entry-level players around U.S. $ 200.00 at affordable prices. Yah It Up-scales to 1080i, but unfortunately while at lower prices, well doneThe marks are and move this function if ... I saw a player just because I always hear it is extraordinary.
DVI is the largest here and only need an HDMI to DVI cable for the Sony TV from the top of the high-quality DVD images drooling pleasure Nice set.
DVD serious enthusiast cool!

Or eBay Used: Panasonic DVD-RP82 or DVD-XP30

Legendary! I'm serious! Why Panasonic stop these incredible players at discount prices? WHY? What were they thinking? Anyway, if you want a chance to see a DVD, very, very, very well known that providing an excellent reputation that people still pay good money to be known (but usually get the best deals others because they have no idea what they have, ha!), even after the production of these models.
EBay Bargain leaders Techno Geek Cool!

That is my perception of current agricultural piggy bank.

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