Friday, October 30, 2009

Lcd High Definition Outstanding Performance & Value

Outstanding Performance & Value - lcd high definition Sanyo PLV-1080HD High Definition 1080p LCD Home Theater Projector

We waited with a projector for home theater to buy because the technology improves and prices fell. I visited the market this fall to do extensive research, both online and in local shops. I found the Sanyo 1080p projector, which looked promising in his introductory remarks - and it is certainly an attractive price to $ 1599th We have a large living room (29 'by 16'), which will hold a multi-purpose room / home theater. The room has a wall that extends from floor to ceiling, vertical blinds, which has enabled us to darken the room during the day, but certainly not in terms of pure theater. In our situation, our local distributors were promoting projectors that cost $ 5000 pair - with the sound system, screen and you increase the installation cost of $ 10,000 or more. After exploring options, this bit the bullet and let the Sanyo 1080p projector at Amazon - thought it was cheap enough that if proved to be a mistake to live with him several years before as technology improves and prices camand much more. In anticipation of the arrival, we had our local cable in order to improve our services to digital, which our access to their HD programming through their set-top box.

I am pleased that we could no longer happy or impressed with this purchase. I started to work and 10 minutes after arrival with our white wall in our initial screen. I must tell you that is so good, we have decided to make ourselves against the wall of our permanent exhibition sought. The top-down, left and right lens shift allows us to the projector to any desired location - for my son and I developed a permanent installation of a wall mount on the ceiling. We have a $ 250 Sony home theater in a box added, "for a sound, cables hidden, the furniture and living room have a complete home theater for under $ 2000.

And the picture quality? Outstanding! We set the maximum size of the image of our room, a picture that over 6 'tall with a size of 13 inches diagonal. David Letterman is there, is larger than life, football and GAMis, you can see the blades of grass, and faces in the stands, even in the wide shots. With Full HD 1080p, the screen door "pixels are very sharp and clear on the wall, but they are practically invisible when more than 3 meters. The picture is so bright and clear, as we have seen in the local theater HOME detail Demo - maybe even better. The ambient light is more of a problem than it would be no TV in the room, and we find that we were so clearly as our main television channels. and installation instructions, easy installation, the screen Menus are easy to use, you do not hear the fan, and for our purposes, we can not from all that would change what you think. If you have a problem, we will work with both the lamp replacement is much earlier than we Buy (3000 hours, assessment) wanted - but we are beginning to reflect the cost of $ 300 bargain compared to the entertainment value we receive.

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