Friday, October 23, 2009

Lenntek Sonix High Definition Great Little Product For The Price! A Great Vmoda Alternative. Comparison Review.

Great little product for the Price! A great Vmoda alternative. Comparison review. - lenntek sonix high definition SONIX EARBUDS BLACK FOR IPOD MP3

I played a little bit about the houses in which they Cos ***. They were evacuated to the sale through its online service. Even without them in the mail, but I returned the vmode I received last week (what I want, takes an independent review of the VMODA)

The packaging was not as impressive as the buds vmode not come with a black leather bag, but come with 2 pairs of outbreaks of silicone. Outbreaks of small and large.

The nylon rope was wrapped a great idea and made it just look a little more robust than VMODA had to admit, however, that the know-how of housing and the outlet is not as impressive as the VMODA (j 'I was tempted to 4 stars, because of this type, but I realized the sound was more the issue here) rather than appearance. Sonically, I'd say they are very close. Infact did admit that, as much of VMODA not because I possess, but because I listen to many medium and higher quality and noise, not the booming bass, or drowning muddy. Ensure you include the fact too to obtain good if you do not do not want to roar on the sound. Find the best-fitting silicone button that works for you, to the sound you like and enjoy the beautiful sound of this excellent product ... I've already placed a second order for my wife ... Hurry Now!

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