Wednesday, October 28, 2009

High Definition Art A Very Good Read.

A very good read. - high definition art Edge of Darkness: The Art, Craft, and Power of the High-Definition Monochrome Photograph

Fifty years of amateurism in shooting (from size 116 and 127 rolls of film), I have a library with books on photography books, coffee table, photographic and other newspapers.

Most of the books I purchased new. Classics and when I bought used. Some prices well enough to be used to (read) again and again. Other vegetate - dust in the lower compartment, often simply because he did not throw any books away. Realistically, there are very current books as "the answer to the prayers, the photographer sold." I have had my share of them.

I think Barry Thornton book, "Edge of Darkness", receives an award for my "top shelf for the years 2002 and can support the upper shelf for many years. The man writes good feeling in simple terms and supported his words with facts. His pictures are welcome. I like how they used the emotion behind the image recording and mechanisms to generate significant negative said. These issues are of fundamental importance. If you are a fine, if not, time is on their side a To make a good film. And as the direction of the MaKing of the negative, emotionally and technically decide the outcome.

(Show me a writer who said he gets full credit for the first time, and I'll show you who should be in politics.)

If you read a book very informative and easy to use, well written and with beautiful examples of craft in black and white, you should buy this book represented. When you hear the words of Mr. Thornton, you are obliged to be supported in their work.

"Edge of Darkness" is a very good read.

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