Sunday, October 25, 2009

High Definition Pics Easily One Of The Best Films Of 2002

Easily one of the best films of 2002 - high definition pics The Pianist [HD DVD]

Almost a documentary.

This film is true life story of Szpilman, pianist, and almost to the letter follows Szpilman wrote the book. The only poetic license, I realized that the key placement Szpilman hiding in routine and destroyed the city completely abandoned - the result of two surveys: in 1943 and probably 1944 - the same building as the goods are officially selected for the German Armed Forces of friendly offices.

Polanski was the true and dramatic story that speaks for itself, so these tips from well known films about stories from compression is less efficient, our tears so generously to the poster. To be honest - it's a shame. A true story and a breath, because the most effective. Perhaps Polanski understanding the causes and ensure compliance. They want no similarity between the description of the tragedy of these proportions and regular productions each year. And also - Polanski was part of the drama of 1939-1945, does not live more than two hundred miles, where they live, pianistdy survived, too.

"The Pianist" has the feel of a documentary. The film structure - a series of pictures of life Szpilman, grabing everyone's attention, because each is an experience almost more familiar with people in the middle of life, at least in most of life we have today. One word, "he said, the timing of the introduction of a ladder, a position in a number of forced laborers, a decision is made - or - a fact of life and death consequences.

Being from this country, I will not evade the difficult question. There are many bad people and good people in this true story. There are many good Jews, and some wicked Jew. There are many good of Poland and many Poles are wrong. There are many bad and good German in Germany. This is highlighted. Courtesy of the substance "national" in their honest acts to kill - to Szpilman (True heroism is not), and provide food and shelter to stress.

I saw this film at 9.15 clock in a room full of young people sent by the schools. The silence in the room was, all 130 minutes or two unbelievable.

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