Friday, October 30, 2009

High Definition 1080i Great Device!

Great device! - high definition 1080i Sanyo Xacti HD1010 4MP MPEG4 High Definition 1080i/1080p Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom

Amazon was Verified (What is this?) Before HD camcorder available, I had one (on DV tape, standard definition) camcorder. The problem with DV camcorders, it's time for (1) Import the movie into the computer and (2) in an appropriate format encoded. Needless to say, because of complaints, it has not many movies at home. So I bought a Xacti C4. This device makes a big difference. He was short, easy to slip into the pocket of the jeans, the picture quality is decent for an SD camera, especially without any further treatment was necessary! All I had to do was drag and drop from the camera to the computer. It will not wait for the tape to wind. No need to re-encode or because the file format and MP4. To see the film on television, I had to do, is the file in iTunes, then wirelessly to the movie on the AppleTV. There is nothing easier than that.

Then have HD cameras are available. My first HD camera Sony HDR-HC1. It's a pretty decent camera. But even here I do not have a lot of movies for the HDR-HC1 is based filmis a lengthy process is necessary to transmit video and H.264 encoding in MP4 format. So I bought repeat a Xacti HD1010, in the hope of my success with the HD Xacti C4 old, but at this time.

My first impression when I arrived at the HD1010 is that it is larger and heavier than I had expected. This is not a great camera by any means, but my expectations were low from the C4 Xacti HD1010 to the camera than looks so big and heavy. Not fit into the jeans pocket either (unlike the Sony HDR-TG1 is the smallest HD camcorders available now.)

And the picture quality? I shot a test material in low light. I was not impressed with the picture quality. Little details that seemed to be missing, apparently to enable the noise reduction. I decided to compare the HD1010 with my old Sony HDR-HC1 to. I considered the Sony in one hand and shot the Sanyo in the other test FOOTAGES, while the two rooms in a semi-low light. First, the Sony seems to be a much better picture quality. But that was the uncompressed RAW images. I coded Sony registrationH.264 and adjusts the speed of transmission so that the resulting file is about the same size as the Sanyo. Well, the quality seems comparable to Sony and Sanyo. In fact, the Sanyo seems to have a more accurate color. But the big difference is image stabilization. I had no image stabilization, how good he was until I compared with the Sanyo Sony. Sanyo The film is very nervous. This is Sanyo image stabilization and zoom of 1x. Stabilization of high-definition video cameras is important, and the HD1010 disappointed in that department.

Another disappointment was that although MP4 files, the Sanyo with QuickTime, which are not compatible with the AppleTV compatible. Expected AppleTV 720p at 24 fps (frames per second). Sanyo 720p support, but uses 30 frames per second, not 24 fps. Accordingly, the file must be converted before pouring his AppleTV. It is fairly easy to convert with iTunes, but it takes time. The resulting file is 960x540 not 1280x720, because iTunes has a priority the preservation of the FPS to 30 frames per second, and Apple TV only supports 960x540.

I ts the fact that this device comes with a soft case. To compare Sony charges $ 50 extra for a soft case for HDR-TG1 competitors.

Conclusion: I am a little disappointed, because the aircraft is larger and heavier than the Xacti C4, the files are not directly connected to the AppleTV, and especially the image stabilization is poor, which means that you must use a tripod. For comparison, the Canon HF10 has an optical image stabilization and has a mode at 24 frames per second, the two helped me. The Canon is more expensive, but it has 16 GB of internal memory and non-HD1010.

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