Monday, October 26, 2009

High Definition Receivers Great, If You See Past The Initial Effort...

Great, if you see past the initial effort... - high definition receivers Samsung SIR-TS360 DirecTV High-Definition Receiver/HDTV Tuner

My TS360 is large, there are many functions in the menus adapted to the use and appearance of the guide. I use mine only as an OTA receiver, and bought second hand. There were some problems ...

The first is because it is held for some time from the original owner, did not immediately turn the power off. It was a constant click, without display. After leaving the click of a mouse for a few hours, came back to life. Then, a failure of the "boot" error message on the screen. You can always order it with the Select button to open the menu to select the option "no food". The receiver is reset, it works like a charm. I was so happy to have all my local digital HD channels. BTW, both problems solved with a little Googling.

The TS360 is easy to use, and the guide still provides the basic information (timetables, descriptions, etc.) in the programs) are in the sub-digital channels (18.1, 24.1, etc.. I had no problem with him since he was resurrected.

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