Thursday, October 22, 2009

High Definition Photography A Few Steps Further

A Few Steps Further - high definition photography Complete Guide to High Dynamic Range Digital Photography (A Lark Photography Book)

I tried to get HDR in the last 6 months with the online tutorials on everything. This is the first book I bought or read. Without too much into scientific detail, the author gives a great understanding of what is HDR.

It provides general information about things that you can HDR, which causes noise in digital photos and a wealth of information or not, before he ever do for part of the needs of the HDI.

It also compares the various programs for the treatment of HDR and the strengths and weaknesses of each program.

Once you enter the actual ADC offers almost all the information you need to create great photos HDR. It shows examples and explains how "realistic" and "artistic" photos.
It also shows the kind of problems they may occur with different scenes and how to handle it and correct problems that may occur. It also shows how HDR-processing rate of each image (but does not even 'true' HDR Results.

It covers many areas in which it is HDR, whose photograph interiors of homes or color gels, and a new technique he developed as a "flash-concentration, which can use multiple images with the flash shots, and make it into an HDR image. I personally believe that learning this new technique of fusion Lightning worth the price of the book alone.

There are few examples of the great photographers of the FPC (which are, however, inspired primarily by what you can do and which do not offer much in the way).

If you are new to HDR and learn how the analysis of scenes before the first image captured on the camera, all the way to the final image, when they have done for a while and you want to learn how problems their HDR) photos look like the pros to prevent (such as noise in the clouds and dark areas, then this book is an excellent investment .... and is easily and cheaply.

ByronT .... Tulsa, OK

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