Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Download High Definition Videos A Little Too Biased

A little too biased - download high definition videos High Definition and 24P Cinematography

This book focuses almost exclusively on the Sony F900 (replaced now). The author is employed by Panavision and at the time of writing no experience with other devices.
Especially if FX post-production are needed, one of the most important aspects of electronic procurement is the compression rate you use. So I found it a little disturbing that this question has been completely ignored, except when criticism of the Vipers have a HDD recorder, because you do not (compress the image and yet the F900's) 4:2:2 high compression.
However, he mentioned Star Wars II as an example of the quality PANAVISE camera, but this production is a HDD recorder used because of the problems caused by compression of HDCAM.
I think the book is a very general way, have, if the content is influenced by something as specific and reads like a prospectus.

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