Friday, October 23, 2009

High Definition Gaming Here Is How I Got It To Work...

Here is how I got it to work... - high definition gaming Easy CAP WS-U20CAP USB 2.0 Video Capture Box with Audio

Hello to all:

I have a security DVR that gives me AVI clips direct USB connection, but without sound. So my plan to extract a path to video recordings to the DVR could be found. I bought this EasyCap. He had several passes with the driver installation routines do EasyCap WinXP installed until all the drivers. Then I installed the video capture software. Could well, but only a hair on the video display panel. Then he tried to Win XP's Movie Maker. The same, but more frustrating. Movie Maker closes after each attempt. Then hunting video capture software and tried some trial versions of other products. No luck, and I was at the end of my soul. My last stop was to be nchsoftware that provides a video capture software, Debut. And the basic version is free.
Unbelieveably after some evasion, released the video stream from my DVR debut on the screen on my PC. This amazing software allows you to save as MP4 VCD, AVI, one of several formats:, etc. There are a few rarities, but not so great. One is that "Tool Options "to set the device that I will always maintain a change in the format of video input NTSC_M every time the first album. EasyCap PAL_B not guilty. They do not know why PAL_B Otherwise, it was chosen by the U.S. market. Secondly, during the recording, I see the green bar on the first audio-poster, but can not hear the sound.
After the meeting I 'stop' recording and playback of the newly created file of "records" from the File menu, I have video and sound.
We hope this information will also help. I saved. And I suggest a donation for robust software for the free version of debut NCH. Alternatively, you can buy more to support the debut of the company. You have a wide range of video related products.
We hope this information will help and good luck.

United States

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